Americana Vintage Hand-Carved Wood Duck

I love this Americana wood duck. It's almost like an old decoy, like a bit of America when life was a lot more simple that it is now. No frills, no coloring, no painting, just a wonderful natural burnished finish that old-time craftsmen know how to do.  I like to rub mine with a good furniture polish or oil to give it a bit of a sheen and bring out the finer details of the mottled finishing.

The other thing I like about this duck, actually all our hand-crafted ducks and whales, is that no two are exactly alike. Every one is made by hand, carved by a real craftsman, finished by a real craftsman, so each is unique and a one of a kind piece of art and home decor.

I hope you get as many compliments and enjoy Americana wood duck as much as I do mine.

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